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What is dropshipping


In simple words, it is a method of online business in which owners don’t have to manage inventory themselves. Instead, owners purchase products from third-party suppliers, which send the order to your customer.

Hence, if my company uses drop shipping, I operate as a storefront where people can come and purchase things. I bill the buyer, and the drop shipper charges me after they purchase. I never have any contact with the actual items.

How it works

If someone wants to become an entrepreneur, dropshipping business is a great start.

There are three key players in dropshipping:

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers 

Manufacturers: They manufacture the product and sell them in bulk to the wholesaler or retailer.

Wholesalers: Purchase them from the manufacturer and stock different products.

Retailers: They sell the product to the public with heavy markup.

It works as follows:

  • The consumer makes a purchase from your company, the retailer.
  • I notify the dropshipping provider, who packs and sends the goods to the client (either the maker or the wholesaler).
  • The dropshipping associate charges me for the service, and I charge the buyer for the product.

In principle, the smaller the supply chain, the higher my earnings since fewer partners will take a piece. A short supply chain is when I interact with the manufacturer straightly.

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How to start?

To start a dropshipping business, I keep the following points in mind:

  • Make an idea of business I want to start
  • Research thoroughly
  • Select dropshipping suppliers wisely
  • Make a business plan
  • Keep your finances in order
  • Dropshipping store formation
  • Start marketing your products

Benefits of dropshipping

As the easiest inventory management method that lowers the business risk, it also has other benefits. Any fulfillment method has advantages and cons in e-commerce, like in life. Whether the benefits outweigh the costs is mainly determined by your objectives and company condition.

Let’s discuss some potential benefits of this inventory management method.

Very easy approach for starting a business

Once I’ve identified high-quality items, I can open my own dropshipping business in a matter of hours. Shopify makes this method incredibly easy. Certainly, I’ll need to constantly update my business as the observer of how the visitors interact with it, but getting started is simple.

Start with little investment

Dropshipping allows me to begin my internet shop without depleting the finances. The marketing strategy does not necessitate the purchase of things in advance, nor does it necessitate the purchase of inventory or the rental of storage space. Most of those typical expenditures that traditional sellers must bear are eliminated by the dropshipping approach.

Free me from the management of inventory

One of the most significant advantages of dropshipping is that companies don’t have to stress about keeping and transporting their goods. I can work in retail even without handling the products I sell! When a consumer purchases a product via a company, I provide and handle the order as a third party.

Scaling up my business

I can increase the business quickly as I don’t need to manage the inventory by myself. Inventory management is a challenging and burdensome task that makes me tired mentally and physically. So without inventory management, I can add new ideas and products to my dropshipping business.

As my business expands, I may reinvest more in business to drive profits; however, the everyday activities will remain consistent.

I can offer a wide range of products to my customers

I can remain on top of the latest trends and swiftly add new goods to the site because I shouldn’t have to spend on establishing the local inventory. I may also change the offers rapidly without trying to purchase new goods or clean my back stock.

I am free to sell at the place of my choice

When it comes to e-commerce, my geography is no longer an impediment. As a drop shipper, I may sell the items to customers worldwide as long as the shipping fees are reasonable.

I am on my own

Most significantly, dropshipping can provides me with independence. It’s reachable from any place, with me as my own boss. Obviously, success will not come easily. But it’s all up to me, I set my own rules instead of working in a normal hierarchical framework.


Drop shipping could be advantageous for entrepreneurs, however, there are some limitations that may not be compatible with my whole business plan.

Sales price reduction: As previously said, the lengthier my product line, the smaller my earnings.

Issues with inventory: As I am not managing the inventory, it is difficult for me to make sure that the products I am selling are readily available or not to the customer.

Quality of products: Dropshipping limits my engagement in the order fulfillment process, limiting my capacity to oversee and ensure product quality.

Tips for dropshipping

Make online purchasing enjoyable.

Don’t sell everything. Conduct research & trend analysis to identify what I really sell in my business.

The quality of the product must be excellent.

Build customers’ trust.

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