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What is A VPN and why would you have to use it?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a way of connecting with other users in a very secure way; it is done by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address. It hides your online identity and allows you to browse the net safely even over public Wi-Fi.

With a VPN, users can connect their devices to a server in another county and browse as though they are in that country. This helps them obtain information that otherwise they would not have access to. 

Quite naturally, different people have different reasons for why they make use of a virtual private network. While some use it for negative practices like cybercrime and fraud, there are good reasons why you may need to download a virtual network to your devices and make use of it:

1. It allows you to use public Wi-Fi safely

For people that love freebies and love to surf the net in areas where they have access to public Wi-Fi service, the answer to keeping your data secure is to make use of a VPN. This way, cyber thieves will not have access to the information stored on the device and cannot hack the device.

Even while performing an activity as simple as checking your emails while you are out may expose your information to anyone tracking it online. 

That is why, whenever you are on other networks, it is wise to use a VPN to keep your browsing history safe, protect your banking information, and passwords from criminals.

2. It allows you to protect your data from your Internet Service Provider

While it is unlikely that your data may be at risk when using your home Wi-Fi, this does not mean that your data is safe. Unknown to most people, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can view how and when you browse the internet. 

Theyy can harness this information and share it with others like the government if they desire. Certain information may be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, the answer is to use a VPN to protect your data from your own Internet Service Provider.

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3. It allows you to have access to content in different countries

While this may be a good or bad reason to want to make use of a VPN, it largely depends on the reason why you want to gain access to this content. A good reason to use a VPN to access content will be if you desire to watch some programs that are not available in your locality, or you may want to gain access to news that may be used for investigative journalism. In that case, connecting to a server in another country may not be a bad idea. 

But if you need to hide your online identity so that you can perpetrate evil or deceive the residents of that country as is popular with online fraudsters, that is not a good reason to make use of a VPN and should be discouraged.

4. It adapts to different devices

A good reason to make use of a VPN is its adaptability to different devices. It is very compatible with android devices, iOS devices and Windows devices. It is also very easy to use. To make use of a VPN, you just have to choose from the many VPN providers and download the Network service that best appeals to you. As soon as you have it installed on your device, you can switch it on whenever you want to make use of it and also switch it off when you feel you may not be at risk.

5. It protects your data from your government

For Citizens in countries with stringent laws, it may be wise to hide online identity and data from the prying eyes of the government. This is a good move for users of the internet in very rigid countries where almost all information is censored.

An example would be the people of Nigeria. Without warning, the Government banned the use of Twitter by its citizens; the solution to this arbitrary decision was for citizens of the country to make use of a VPN provider to connect to servers in another country and make use of the service.

With the use of a VPN, the Government cannot access the data and activities its citizens enjoy online. 

Final words

VPNs have come under attack lately because most of its users have ignored the reason why it was created and now use it for other selfish reasons. That notwithstanding, it is a good service to have as it offers many benefits, as mentioned above. It helps them work remotely, it protects their online identity and it protects their data from ill-intentioned individuals.

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