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Top Technology Trends for 2022

Trends in technology have not ceased to amaze us. Developers are always thinking of ways to make our world a better place. Those interested in this career path should be ready to meet the ever-changing demands in the technology workplace. 

Here are  the trending technologies that we believe will rule 2022:

1. Internet of Things

The internet of things refers to a connected network for users who want to exchange data with other devices and users in cyberspace. While these devices differ, they range from simple household tools to more sophisticated industrial tools that are used by different industries.

The internet of things has become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century; Tt has made it possible for people across the world to communicate effectively with each other. 

A popular way the internet of things is used is through the use of cloud computing. Data is transferred from one device to another and across locations in seconds. The internet of things has also made it possible for people to record events and monitor the happenings around the world even when they are miles apart.

2. Artificial Intelligence

It may be impossible to talk about the trending technologies of 2022 without mentioning Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence uses computers to perform tasks that humans hitherto performed. These tasks used to require the intelligence of humans. 

With AI, it is possible to reason, learn, solve problems, learn from previous experiences, provide suggestions to people based on previous research, and help with online purchases. 

Banks make use of the Artificial Intelligence system to carry out book-keeping functions, manage properties, invest in stocks, and organize their daily operations.

AI Robotics

3. 5G

This broadband is known as the next generation of connectivity. This mobile broadband is expected to operate beyond the Long Term Revolution (LTE) that is currently in use. 

This is viewed as a real game-changer because of its expected speed, stable network, and larger capacity. It will revolutionize the use of mobile technology. 

The 5G network is considerably faster than the 4G network because it has a higher frequency radio band to deliver signals across devices.

4. Blockchain

The Blockchain technology is a secure way of storing information online, so that it becomes almost impossible to hack into the data and steal it. In simple terms, the Blockchain is like a digital diary or ledger. Each block that makes up the chain contains some information about transactions.

Transactions in a Blockchain are recorded with a signature called a Hash. Blockchains are intertwined with each other, one chain of information cannot be simpy changed. It means that if a hacker intends to gain access to any information in the chain and change it, he will have to hack into the whole block for this to be successful. 

Crypto currency traders make use of the Blockchain technology to secure their transactions across the globe. Blockchains like the Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ZugaCoin are popular examples of digital currencies that make use of the Blockchain Technology. 

Before the advent of the Blockchain, it was almost impossible to create a digital currency. The Bitcoin developers were only successful because they were able to develop the Blockchain Technology.

Many technology experts claim that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the Blockchain technology, and that its full potential is yet to be reached. We are excited to see what 2022 will bring forward in this regard!

5. Intelligent Apps

The term Intelligent Apps is used to refer to mobile applications that make use of AI enabled applications to provide its users with a great and satisfying experience. There are a number of these Intelligent Apps. For example,  iPhone Users are quite familiar with the Siri App. This app is capable of communicating with its users, it can also perform some intelligent functions like human. Another popular App is the Elsa Speak app- this app enables users to speak the English Language, it is quite popular among mobile users. 

Socratic – This Artificial Intelligence app is popular for its ability to simplify the learning process by Google. With this app, students can ask questions verbally and get answers to their queries from the app. They can also take photos of the question with the app and receive answers.

Hound – This Artificial Intelligence App is capable of simplifying its user’s life. This app makes use of voice commands to carry out different functions for its users. It can help the user locate the best hotels, restaurants or doctors in a neighborhood,

This app can also translate speech to text and also translate texts to speech.

Cortana – This is one of the best intelligent apps out there that has altered our lives. This app provides various features and functions to its users. It can help set up reminders and keep track of files and documents.

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