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Tips on how to make money online

Today, everyone is looking for ways to increase their income, and the recent coronavirus pandemic contributed to this struggle. The days when we have to look for physical jobs are gradually fading away as we see people making money without leaving the comfort of their homes.

I was among those contemplating if making money online is possible. After conducting some research, I discovered it was possible. In this article, I will talk about the experience I had on how to make money online.

We are in a gig economy, and making money online is not unique. It doesn’t matter if I want to earn six-figure or looking for something to complement my current income; there are several ways to make money online. Interestingly, these gigs are extremely simple in that it only requires a little effort. I will share simple ways to make money online, let’s get started.

Work as a freelancer

Several websites, including Fiverr,, and Upwork, allow people to work online. They offer different freelance jobs, such as marketing, virtual assistant, programming, design, writing, and more. I can speak two different languages, which makes it possible for me to check translation websites such as One Hour Translation, and Gengo.

It doesn’t matter what kind of freelancing job you do. Although it can take a little time to grab the first gig, with dedication and commitment, I was able to get it. The payment rate and speed will vary depending on the applied website.

Take survey jobs 

Another exciting way people can make money is through surveys. It looks like a straightforward process for most people, but I need to be patient. For instance, If anyone is looking for a way to hit big, we won’t recommend survey jobs because they don’t offer a big payoff. 

Furthermore, most of these websites offer gift cards rather than cash. The famous survey websites include Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. Anyone can get their survey job started by registering through the survey website.

Affiliate marketing through blog

Affiliate marketing is a big industry with several opportunities for anyone with zeal. Blogging is one opportunity people can use to make money as they promote products and services. If I have a blog with decent traffic daily, I can join an affiliate network and receive payment. We know several bloggers who make money using a blog to promote goods.

Starting as a blogger takes a lot of time to build an audience. I started with a blog template, making my website before creating content regularly. I am not going to tell anyone that the investment will reap immediately, but with commitment, I was able to create money through affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing

Sell pictures 

Nowadays, people sell their photography to make cash on websites such as Fine Art America. Here, people can upload any image such as phone case, T-shirts, prints, and more. Alternatively, we recommend trying PhotoShelter, 500p, and SmugMug. While some sites are free, others require subscription fees to post items.

On my own, I started within hours and advertised photography on these platforms. Nevertheless, the payment speed would depend on the platform, and anyone can open an account as long as they have something to sell.


We recommend drop-shipping because it is the easiest way to make money online with all the avenues to make money. I don’t have to acquire a shop to display any product as I can buy at a lower rate and sell for more profit. The main job is to take the item from a third party and ship it to a customer. Nowadays, people can drop shipping through online platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

Sell unused gift cards

How about selling unused gift cards? We live in a digitalized world where everything is possible online. Websites such as GiftCash and CardCash pay over 90% of a value card. However, the price would depend on how popular the gift card is. It doesn’t cost much to start. With a laptop and access to the internet, I can help start making money online. 

Babysitting gig

For people who derive joy from taking care of other people, babysitting is one popular job to make money. All I needed is to watch over someone’s children or parents and get paid. I started with a word of referral, especially from friends and family. Besides this, some online platforms allow me to create a profile. Importantly, I have CPR certifications and earn more than someone without certification. 


The opportunities online are endless, especially if the goal is to make money from home. However, it is advisable to be on the lookout because several scams are out there. Therefore, avoid any opportunity that seems too good to be true. Furthermore, if I apply for a job and get a request to pay upfront, it is a red flag, and I usually avoid such a platform. 

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