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The Cloudways review you didn’t know you needed

Take your Website to the Next Level

Are you a blogger or small business owner who needs a website for your readers or customers? Does website hosting seem complicated, expensive, or overly difficult? Is your current web hosting service too slow or does it just have too much downtime and too many crashes? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have to read our Cloudways review! We have gone through everything that Cloudways has to offer and this is what we’ve found! This might just be the answer to your web hosting problems. 

What is Cloudways? 

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that simplifies hosting experiences and empowers individuals, teams, and businesses. They believe in innovation, simplicity, and have a customer comes first policy at their core. 

Cloudways web hosting is practical and usable, and comes at a reasonable price. Cloudways makes sure that users don’t have to worry about slow loading WordPress sites ever again. 

Cloudways plans & prices

Cloudways works on a monthly Pay-As-You-Go basis where the customers only have to pay for the resources that their sites have consumed. They provide cloud hosting plans from DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS Data Centers (Amazon) and GCE Data Centers (Google).

1 Cloudways Review

Cloudways offers both monthly and hourly plans in two variants, which are standard and premium. 

The standard monthly plans start from $10 per month and go up to $80 per month, while the premium monthly plans start from $12 per month and go up to $96 per month.

On the other hand, the standard hourly plans start from $0.0139 per hour and end at $0.1111 pre hour. The premium rates for the hourly plans are between $0.0176 per hour to $0.1333 per hour. 

Cloudways features

Going through the features of Cloudways will help present a better idea of what it offers. Below we have a list of Cloudways’ features that make it stand out among the other cloud hosting services and platforms.

  • On the security front, Cloudways has its users sorted. They have a dedicated firewall to secure sites against attacks. In addition, we get a free SSL Certificate to secure communication between our customers and ourselves. 
  • To prevent hosted sites from crashing, Cloudways comes with an auto-healing feature that resolves issues on its own. 
  • If a customer were to encounter an error, they can check it through the error logs they provide. Along with error logs, Cloudways also has access logs.
  • There is the freedom to choose from over 60 Cloudways data centers to instantly optimize load speeds customized for places across the globe. 
  • Cloudways has SSH and SFTP login controls. 
  • Cloudways is PHP7 ready and also has HTTP/2 support.
  • Pushing and pulling changes is made easier with built-in staging areas with every instance.
  • They also provide security features like two-factor authentication and bot protection.
  • Cloudways is designed to be used by all people, regardless of whether or not they have a high level of technical knowledge.  
  • Users have the freedom to install an unlimited number of applications at no added cost. To add to that, Cloudways has made installing apps super simple with the one-click installation feature.
  • You can also set up new sites on your server using just one click, like installing applications.
  • There is the feature of monitoring and adjusting multiple servers and apps using one click.
  • Continuing with the one-click pattern, Cloudways lets users replicate installs on different sites with a single click. 
  • Cloudways gives its users the ability to add team members and collaborate in real-time. They can set custom roles and access permissions to create a smooth and secure workflow.

Cloudways pros and cons

The following is a pros and cons list that will highlight the merits and shortcomings of Cloudways to paint a clearer picture of what they have to offer.


  • Cloudways is one of the most affordable platforms for hosting that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality.
  • Their hosting plans are flexible to match your needs, and they also offer 24/7 customer support.
  • Keeping security in mind, they have multiple security features like SSL, SiteLock Protection, and the option of having Unique IPs.
  • They use SSD-based storage rather than HDD-based storage. That, along with having built-in cache, ensures more reliable and faster web hosting than older methods.
  • Cloudways comes with a 99% uptime guarantee promising to keep your website up and running no matter what.
  • Customers have the option of opting for a 3-day trial with Cloudways to see if it works right for them.
  • Loading times on Cloudways are dramatically lower than its rivals.
  • They include some useful team collaboration tools to help users collaborate on sites.
  • Cloudways allows migrating websites for free.


  • Users don’t have their own cPanel while using Cloudways. Everything is hosted on their server.
  • Cloudways doesn’t provide a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for free. While Cloudways CDN is an excellent option, users are charged extra for it.
  • Another service that doesn’t come free with Cloudways is email. Emails are a paid add-on on Cloudways.

Making money with Cloudways

Cloudways gives users the option to join their affiliate program and make some money on the side. In terms of the commission offered, Cloudways is among the best in the industry. They have two commission structures that can be opted for; either “Slab” or “Hybrid”.


In the slab commission structure, payment is done on a one-time basis. As the title of the structure suggests, the commission works on the basis of slabs, or tiers. How much money is made depends on the slab the user fits in. The slabs are categorized by the number of customers brought by a user to Cloudways by being an affiliate. In short, the Slab structure gives users a generous one-time income, while the hybrid structure gets them decent recurring figures over a longer duration of time. 

At the moment, the Slab structure has 5 slabs.

  • Slab 1
    • Customers Required: 1-5
    • Earnings Per Sale: $50
    • Estimated Total Earning: $250
  • Slab 2
    • Customers Required: 6-20
    • Earnings Per Sale: $75
    • Estimated Total Earning: $1,500
  • Slab 3
    • Customers Required: 21-45
    • Earnings Per Sale: $100
    • Estimated Total Earning: $4,500
  • Slab 4
    • Customers Required: 46-80
    • Earnings Per Sale: $125
    • Estimated Total Earning: $10,000
  • Super Affiliate (Slab 5)
    • Customers Required: 80+

This slab is a little different because if a user is getting Cloudways over 80 customers, then they move into a whole new territory. For more details on this Slab, they will have to contact the company.


The hybrid commission structure works better for users who are looking to become an affiliate on a long-term basis and want a steady income source per month. In the Hybrid structure, users will get relatively lower earnings per sale than Slab. 

However, the upside to Hybrid is that the user will first earn a minor commission when another customer buys a plan. Users get 7% commission on whichever plan the new customer is paying for, and for as long as the customer continues to pay for the subscription. So as the user keeps gaining more customers under the Hybrid structure, their commission keeps adding up, and in turn, their monthly earnings go up as well. 


To sum things up, Cloudways is an excellent web hosting service that prioritizes customer needs and delivers on their promises. Their plans are affordable, and they have an extensive catalog of features to help you host your website securely, efficiently, and in a stable way. Plus, the Cloudways’ affiliate program is like the cherry on top of a well-baked cake. 

All in all, we would recommend Cloudways to anyone who wants a complete web hosting solution.

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