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Best performing adult affiliate campaigns

Red lights do not always indicate a stop. The web is a never-ending red-light district, and tensed lights do not always indicate a stop. The web is a never-ending red-light district, and tens of billions are ripe for the picking in this marketplace. We’ll walk you through some of the top adult affiliate programs and offers in this manual.

Adult advertising provides excellent opportunities for associates who aren’t afraid to discuss the subject. Adult affiliate programs provide many of the most financially rewarding commissions and perks available. of billions are ripe for the picking in this marketplace. We’ll walk you through some of the top adult affiliate programs and offers in this manual.

The adult affiliate programs listed below are among the finest for both seasoned affiliates and new website owners looking to commercialize adult material and traffic. Unlike certain affiliate marketing programs on our other checklist, these are commercial adult affiliate channels.

These are primarily CPA sponsor networks, but there are numerous other revenue models depicted, as well as several programs that only promote one service. The majority of them function ads in a variety of formats, such as display posters, popunders, and native advertising.

Most CPA networks allow advertisers to create their own deals and set their own fee structures.

Most of these channels only host individual affiliate offers, whereas others serve offers from a variety of niche areas and aren’t afraid of provocative subject content.

A few channels will require a significant amount of traffic until you can join, whereas others will recognize the majority of applicants. Some will impose strict guidelines on how to run a campaign, while others will be more lenient.

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Best adult affiliate programs

CrakRevenue is a coupling, camera systems, health, CBD, gaming, and betting associated with increased. It was formed by well-known super partner Nick Cretien, who has grown it into a sizable procedure with former marine affiliates in many top roles.

It is one of the bigger adult affiliate networks, but it is also recognized for being picky about which offers and publishing companies it accepts. You won’t have to sift through several bad deals to find the jewels, but your way to obtain the best products may be contingent on your effectiveness.

You’ll appreciate the high quality of the offers and the Crakrevenue leadership’s hands-on experience. They’ve spent so long collaborating in adult companies and have a wealth of insider information to offer affiliates looking to introduce a new campaign.

Crakrevenue is primarily a pay-per-click (PPC) network. Based on the offer, it provides a variety of linked projects in particular, including profit share. Many seasoned associates in this marketplace will gladly sing their praises.

Their premium profile is the only way to experience features like unrestricted chat connectivity, Cam2Cam, and group personal chats. The free version is only for mailing funds to fashions in order for them to execute Bonga cam acts that they arrange in their conversation log section. Overall, Bongacams earns the distinction of being the service that encourages you to update to a premium account rather than remaining a customer with a free subscription.

Why aren’t they more assertive in their dealings with the rest of the market? Yes, BongaCams provides all of the choices that it advertises. You can connect with users for free and enhance your account when you want. If you have any questions or concerns about BongaCams, you have two options: chatroom support or e-mail support.

Chaturbate is possibly the biggest live cam homepage online and searches now, and you wouldn’t be mistaken if you assumed it was also the most famous.

Chaturbate is a camming sector juggernaut, with vast numbers of lustful viewers and thousands and thousands of cam features performing live with their video cameras.


  • Several safe payment methods (PayPal included). Woohoo!)
  • Tons of cam models • Account creation is a (free) piece of cake
  • Simple and easy site functionality
  • Reasonably priced site exchange rate (Chaturbate tokens)
  • Models have detailed profiles
  • Cam models sell posted content
  • Nearly all cam showcases are in HD
  • LGBTQ+ community welcome is the formal adult revenue program for websites such as,,, and others. they have a diverse and ever-expanding selection of promotional tools for users to choose from. We’re here to listen to and comprehend your marketing needs so that we can create a special Promo Pack that will maximize your configurations and income. You’ve come to the right place unless you’re looking for high-quality products and high websites.

It is an affiliate program that allows you to profit from your traffic Based on your interests, they have a bunch of programs you can look into.

However, if you’re looking for a straightforward affiliate program, puffy is a good place to start. If you’re curious about how puffy cash appears to work and what else you can assume, I’m here to reveal to you everything you need to understand.

How do you get started?

The first step is to register, then tap on JOIN or just the center button on the display.

Puffycash entry is easy and simple.

TIP: Best ways how to monetize adult traffic

Their programs

The most crucial component of puffy cash is understanding how to earn money directly. There are 3 ways to make money, yet they are fairly standard.

The first is defined as PPS or pay per scale. You will be charged $25 for each sale you refer to any of their own web pages in this program. The second is known as RevShare, which stands for revenue sharing. It is simply a term used to describe how well a website will compensate an affiliate.

Golder Goose ( 

It is an adult advertising platform that focuses on mobile data traffic offers. They are particularly interested in MVAS (Mobile Value-Added Services) offerings.

Every year, billions of dollars are generated by online dating, adult phone games, and adult premium services. Golden Goose serves over 500 direct marketer offers in over 50 countries.

Golden Goose presently has over 600 multiple service offers. Their emphasis on mobile deals has permitted them to argue many offers that are not available elsewhere. They assert to add more than ten new unique offers every week.

You’ll appreciate Golden Goose’s total dedication to mobile revenue. Many associates have mobile adult traffic-heavy sites that are underserved by big channels.

Like other affiliate campaign sites, it is not so popular but it provides 4K hardcore piss play scenes. The affiliate program has 4 sites with VIP pissy provides virtual pee discounts and free videos. But it is not so good for most of the web masters.

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