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6 Reasons To Use a Multipurpose WordPress Theme

If you want to boost your business online, you need a website. In the process of creating such a website, you have the option of using themes, especially if it is a WordPress website. You have to choose a niche or multipurpose WordPress theme. The theme you opt for will have a significant impact on the overall performance and functionality of your website. 

WordPress themes comprise files that change the outlook of your website. It changes the functionality and layout of the website as well. Today, there are several WordPress themes available that offer different features and styles. You don’t need to code using HTML as these themes come pre-made and ready to go. 

Difference Between Multipurpose and Niche Themes

A niche theme is a theme designed for use for a particular website type. For instance, there are themes for online stores or blogs. Alternatively, you can see themes for particular niches such as real estate, podcasting, soccer, fashion, and so on. However, multipurpose themes have several options that give you access to customization to suit your website needs.

Multi Purpose WordPress Template

Why Use a Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

Are you still wondering why you need a multipurpose WordPress for your website? It is all about flexibility; it offers several benefits compared to using a niche theme. Let’s look at a few reasons to use a multipurpose WordPress theme for your website.

Access To Unique Features

Multipurpose themes are packed with numerous features. For instance, the Astra Theme is ideal for any website you want to create. Furthermore, you can use the custom widget to build a personalized design and style. While a multipurpose theme might look unfocused, it offers you the flexibility to redesign it to your taste and need.


If you want to create more websites, instead of using a niched-focused theme, you can use a multipurpose theme instead of switching themes. You don’t have to get familiar with a particular theme whenever you want to use it. Using a multipurpose theme allows you to build different sites, especially if you have multiple businesses in different niches.

Offers Better Documentation and Support

From research, multipurpose themes offer better documentation and support compared to niche themes. It is true, especially if you decide to use a WordPress theme since they have excellent ratings and user base. Due to this, they offer a reliable support system since they come at a premium price.

Saves Time During an Update

If you use some themes, you would observe that after updating WordPress, your website breaks. You have to spend countless hours fixing it or calling your developer to get it fixed. For a moment, think about the number of clients you will lose during this period trying to solve the error.

However, a multipurpose WordPress theme comes in handy as it saves you time. In this situation, you get an updated template that solves all the issues. Interestingly, you don’t have to pay any additional fee once you create your website.

Highly Responsive

Multipurpose themes are responsive on all platforms. During the multi-functional layout building process, the responsiveness feature was taken into consideration. In addition, it comes with drag-and-drop editors and sliders. These and other features make your website responsive on all devices when using a multipurpose theme.

What Is Your Experience?

Have you tried using a niche and multipurpose theme for your website? We do like to know what the experience was. Are multipurpose themes worth investing in since they come at a high price? Are you using a niche theme? How do you deal with updates?


In today’s technologically-inclined world, you have many free and premium WordPress themes to choose from. Choosing a multipurpose theme over a niche theme comes with several benefits, including access to unique features, reusability, and much more.

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